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Descripción general

SITA Maestro provides airlines and ground handlers with a more automated and cost effective way for their agents to process an airline’s passengers. It is comprised of three modules: SITA Local DCS, SITA DCS Translate and SITA DCS View. 

Cómo funciona

SITA Maestro offers a more automated and cost-effective way for agents to process an airline’s passenger. One module, SITA DCS Translate enables a large reduction in training costs where multiple hosts are used together. Its major advantages as a suite is that it enables faster passenger processing.

The suite is fully compatible with the SITA Flex platform and potentially provides a totally “one stop shop” solution.

¿Por qué nosotros?

SITA Maestro has been deployed in over 400 airports globally. It can be deployed rapidly, meaning minimal downtime for your operations. By automating your departure control processes, it offers improved productivity, accuracy and security.


  • Menos costos operativos
  • Staff can focus on more value-added activities
  • Mayor rapidez para los trámites de documentación y embarque 
  • Fewer flight delays – the system automatically consolidates information about boarded vs non-boarded passenger

Servicios globales de SITA (SGS)

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Nuestros expertos supervisan de forma proactiva su infraestructura, e identifican y resuelven los problemas antes de que impacten en los servicios.

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