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Descripción general

When you need to ensure secure, unified WAN and LAN connectivity, SITA LAN Management gives you a fit-for-purpose LAN infrastructure. It ensures your mission-critical business applications – including complex global services like e-learning and e-commerce – have a secure and unbroken connection.

SITA LAN Management supports all your global outstation networks, especially if you already use a SITA IP virtual private network (VPN). LAN Management also supports your campuses and data centers. This significantly reduces your network administration and management requirements.

SITA delivers more than 1400managed LAN devices

Cómo funciona

You’ll benefit from both wired and wireless support through the way our SITA LAN Management extends our managed WAN services into the LAN. We provide a utility model with the equipment on your premises through a simple, monthly charge per switch, per site. We can also provide a model with one-off equipment charge and monthly service support charge per switch, per site.

SITA LAN Management has a customizable design and certified equipment list with global service level agreements. In addition, you can also rely on local technical support in over 220 countries and territories with SITA. Nuestro modelo integrado de atención al cliente incluye la gestión del ciclo de vida y el servicio al cliente.

Los informes mensuales de SITA le permiten supervisar el desempeño del servicio que se recibe y asegurarse de que el acuerdo de nivel de servicio se cumpla plenamente.

 Over100cities, have fully integrated into our customer’s IP VPN networks.

¿Por qué nosotros?

Cut your capital expenditure and total cost of ownership with a WAN, LAN and WLAN infrastructure managed by a single, experienced provider. What’s more, the installation of SITA LAN Management at your SITA managed WAN sites means only one contract and monthly bill, whatever the coverage.

SITA LAN Management makes interoperability and multi-partner management issues obsolete.

Servicios globales de SITA (SGS)

This product is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS) that provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and the world.

Nuestros expertos supervisan de forma proactiva la infraestructura, y casi siempre identifican y resuelven los problemas antes de que impacten en los servicios.


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SITA LAN Management

Elimina los gastos de capital y la inversión en la red porque hace que la infraestructura de comunicaciones la organice un solo proveedor.
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