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SITA Mobile Data Access

Global, secure cellular data connectivity

Descripción general

Air transport systems need reliable coverage to support the operation of many applications. Sourcing your connectivity from multiple network operators can lead to complex management issues and expensive mobile data roaming charges.

SITA Mobile Data Access offers a solution from a single supplier across multiple countries. It provides secure, reliable, and business-grade cellular (2G/3G/4G) data connectivity across the globe for many air transport industry (ATI) applications.

Proporcionamos altas velocidades de transmisión de datos y una estructura de precios simple para roaming sin pedido mínimo.


SITA Mobile Data Access sources ruggedized subscriber identity modules (SIMs) chosen specifically for the ATI. SITA organizes and oversees global delivery, and we manage the full product lifecycle.

Control del usuario

SITA gives you control of your global SIM fleet, including activation, de-activation, traffic limitation capabilities, and near real-time reporting.

Una solución que se adapta

SITA Mobile Data Access is tailored to your requirements, including the number of SIMs, the data volume and the traffic distribution per country. It is suitable for multiple or single-country users, whether you require high data consumption or are limited per month.

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SITA Mobile Data Access Use cases
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More than200 countries and territories
están cubiertos por
SITA Mobile Data Access.

Cómo funciona

SITA MDA gives you:

  • Global coverage and connectivity in over 200 countries and territories via more than 500 network roaming agreements. You’re guaranteed at least two roaming partners in most countries, ensuring full redundancy in case of a local network outage or problematic coverage.
  • Access to a dedicated SIM self-management portal for easy control and monitoring of your SIM cards, including ordering, activation and configuration.
  • Full control of your costs. Track your costs, lower your Total Cost of Ownership and remove the burden of managing multiple suppliers.
  • A completely bespoke package tailored to your needs. Control how much data you need and where, whether you’re a high consumer or have a 50MB monthly limit per SIM.

We provide fast data rates and a simple pricing structure for roaming with no minimum order. Our pricing packages are tailored for usage types specific to the air transport industry (ATI). Examples are EFB, mobile passenger processing or wireless baggage reconciliation. This includes flat rate charges regardless of the number of SIMs using the network or the distribution of calls across countries.


  • A one-stop-shop for connectivity and applications
  • Red privada integral
  • Se conecta directamente con la red VPN de SITA (MPLS)
  • Chooses the best network selection in home and foreign countries
  • A self-care portal giving you full control on your global SIM fleet. This includes activation, de-activation, traffic limitation capabilities, near real-time reporting and central control of the data traffic
  • Best global cellular coverage
  • Advanced Connection Controller (ACC) option enables reduction of 3G/4G roaming costs, improved security and increased end user productivity


  • Increased network availability
  • Guaranteed business continuity
  • Controlled and optimized costs
  • Seguridad de clase empresarial

SITA will provide the end-to-end delivery of services. We’ll organize and oversee the global delivery and manage the full product life cycle.

¿Por qué nosotros?

SITA Mobile Data Access delivers vital 2G/3G/4G connectivity tailored to your requirements. With coverage in more than 200 countries and territories, the service has unparalleled geographic reach. It allows you to track your costs, lower your total cost of ownership and remove the burden of managing multiple suppliers.

Servicios globales de SITA (SGS)

Este producto es respaldado por los Servicios globales de SITA (SGS), que brindan continuidad global del negocio a través de un modelo de servicio versátil. Nuestro servicio de control asegura que los sistemas de TI sean confiables y estén disponibles a toda hora y en todo el mundo.

Nuestros expertos supervisan de forma proactiva la infraestructura, y casi siempre identifican y resuelven los problemas antes de que impacten en los servicios.

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SITA Mobile Data Access Use cases
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More than200 countries and territories
están cubiertos por
SITA Mobile Data Access.

  • Cada vez son más las aerolíneas que utilizan los maletines electrónicos de vuelo (EFB) para reducir costos, mejorar las operaciones y disminuir el tiempo de acondicionamiento del avión. SITA Mobile Data Access delivers the integrated global connectivity required for EFBs, tailored specifically to your airline's requirements.

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