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Cuando la implementación aumenta pero los ingresos caen

Published on  06 November by Mary Kirby , Founder and CEO, Kirby Media Group
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Todos conocemos la importancia de la conectividad durante el vuelo para la experiencia del pasajero. Sin embargo, ¿qué sucede cuando las expectativas de los pasajeros sobrepasan los servicios actualmente disponibles?

More and more passengers are making their bookings based on flights that provide in-flight connectivity. But they don't always know if it's available at the time of booking. Services like SeatGuru and RouteHappy are stepping up and filling the gap - but airlines should be setting the expectations for their passengers, letting them know exactly what to expect ahead of time.

And while today we have rising deployment of in-flight connectivity, revenue isn't keeping pace. That's because only 7% of passengers, on average, are willing to pay for it. Everyone wants it, but very few are willing to pay for it.

The problem is that free connectivity means degradation in service. Which causes frustration for passengers. And, in today's world, frustrated passengers take to social media to vocalize their frustration. The result is the naming and shaming of airlines and providers that they feel are giving them lousy service.

What steps can airlines take, both to set expectations and to improve in-flight entertainment?

Find out in Connectivity conundrum, my column in the latest issue of the Air Transport IT Review.

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