Día Mundial del Niño de las NN. UU., y reducción de la brecha tecnológica en Zambia. | SITA

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Día Mundial del Niño de las NN. UU., y reducción de la brecha tecnológica en Zambia.

Published on  15 November by Amber Harrison , Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, SITA
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Este año, el mundo se viste de azul. Queremos construir un mundo en el que todos los niños puedan ir a clase, a salvo de cualquier peligro, y desarrollar su potencial. The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation is playing its part.

The change makers of tomorrow have their say

The fourth industrial revolution is a big topic in education circles with dialogue focusing on how education systems across the world need to adapt to keep up with the technological changes of our age.

Big data, robotics and artificial intelligence are changing our aviation landscape as well as the broader employment landscape. In order to prepare the youth of today for the jobs of the future we also need to focus on the “soft skills” that technology cannot bring, the arts, communication and emotional intelligence.

On my recent visit to our SITA Air Transport Community Foundation projects at secondary schools in Lusaka, Zambia we asked the students – the change makers of tomorrow – what they would do if they could take over the world, the theme of this year’s UN World Children’s Day.

Making a difference: education and equality

They were put on the spot and had to quickly think of how they would make an impactful change. What impressed me most was their eloquence and passion for making a difference to their communities and on their continent. These future change makers have a clear view of what needs to be done, with access to education and equality proving common themes.

We asked secondary school children in Lusaka, Zambia, what they’d do if they could take over the world. Here’s what they said:

Digital divide

The digital divide may be a reality in Africa that we at the SITA Air Transport Community Foundation are working on minimizing, but the “soft skills” required are certainly not lacking – the students I met have a clear purpose and understanding of what is needed. 

This coupled with their increasing access and grasp of technology means the youth of Africa will be a force to be reckoned with and this Children’s Day, I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate this.

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  • Published on 15 November 2018 08:20 AM by Christopher Webb
    Their passion and clarity of thinking is wonderful to see and the fact that we as SITA are helping to enable this is wonderful to see. Amber, it must be so heart warming to see that through SITA your able to help make a difference.
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