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Equipaje inteligente

Published on  18 August by Nick Gates , Director, Baggage Portfolio, SITA
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The air transport industry’s recent investment in smarter baggage systems and processes has paid huge dividends. According to this year’s Baggage Report, baggage mishandling rates have fallen by more than 61% since 2007 – saving the industry around US$ 18 billion in the process.

As traveler numbers continue to skyrocket, the industry’s focus on making baggage smarter will be even more important. Automated baggage systems and other developments have improved the travel experience and saved money as real-time tracking keeps passengers in the know. It also improves the reliability and speed of baggage delivery.

As I said in a previous blog post, baggage management is poised to get a big boost forward by IATA Resolution 753. In short, this resolution requires IATA members to keep tabs on every item of baggage from start to finish. In doing so, passengers will have the information they need to track their bags the way they would a parcel, throughout their journeys.

SITA’s BagJourney can help airlines and airports provide exactly this type of tracking information to their passengers. BagJourney is an innovative solution that allows passengers to track their bags from check-in to final delivery, through multiple airports and multiple airlines. It provides instant feedback on where their luggage is by scanning a bag-tag receipt. The data BagJourney provides helps the user complete a report without requiring the passenger to fill out any forms.

Such improved efficiencies go hand-in-hand with the improved levels of customer service that airlines and airports are eager to provide these days. With two-thirds of passengers saying they would use a service such as BagJourney, it’s clear they want greater control and choice in every aspect of their journey.

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