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Viajeros satisfechos

Published on  18 November by Maurice Jenkins , Director Information Systems & Telecommunications, Miami International Airport
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Miami International Airport has been experiencing tremendous growth - far beyond our previous projections. We had not expected to reach 40 million passengers until 2016, but we eclipsed that milestone by half a million travelers last year and are on pace to break that record in 2014.

Innovation is critically important for us to satisfy this increase in passenger traffic. La introducción de los quiosco de control automático de pasaportes (APC) de SITA, a mediados de 2013, es un caso ejemplar.

In recent years, crossing the border at MIA took passengers anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours to complete. No one wants to endure that after being on a flight for 10 hours.

Thanks to the APC kiosks, we've slashed average wait times for U.S. citizens by 40 percent.

We currently have 36 APC kiosks in operation. We expect to increase that to about 144. The key driver, as with all of our decisions, is simply "How can we ensure a positive customer service experience for our passengers?"

Learn more about our implementation of APC kiosks in my column, Self-service makes for satisfied travelers, in the latest Air Transport IT Review.

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