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Elimine las conjeturas

Published on  09 December by David Smith , Senior Manager, Product Marketing, SITA
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Las líneas aéreas deben elaborar muchísimas conjeturas antes de llegar al precio de venta final de sus boletos. Este ejercicio de adivinación puede resultar muy costoso. Get it wrong and you can be losing sales or discounting too much.

Unfortunately, airlines have lost control of their pricing. Fees for fuel, sales taxes, airport facility charges, etc., often end up greater than the base fare. Airlines have to work out the overall price manually or fudge it or go on generalizations.

So what can be done? How can airlines regain control of their prices?

SITA is introducing a new option to our Airfare Insight product to help airlines manage their fares. It will enable strategic pricing, competitive monitoring and pricing responses to competitor activity.

That means no more guesswork – and a lot less time – in making fares decisions. It also means the right fares can be distributed to the right customer at the right time.

Learn more about the new Airfare Insight option in the latest issue of the Air Transport IT Review.

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