Los servicios de posicionamiento ocupan el primer lugar en la agenda de la industria de la aviación | SITA

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Los servicios de posicionamiento ocupan el primer lugar en la agenda de la industria de la aviación

Published on  02 November by Jack Loop , Managing Director, LocusLabs
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LocusLabs, una empresa con sede central en San Francisco, brinda una plataforma y las herramientas necesarias para incluir funciones de detección de ubicación en las aplicaciones. Este año, SITA realizó una inversión estratégica en las soluciones de LocusLabs para respaldar su interés en la geolocalización de uso común.  

Airports are big places. They’re often complex. They can be confusing and stressful too. Airlines make it all happen. They compete largely on selling experiences.

Last year, 3,6 billion people experienced boarding an aircraft at roughly the top 300 airports on earth. With each trip involving two or more airports, that's over eight billion airports experiences every year.

Engaged 'on the go'

We all require services when we travel. Some of us require different and special services. Increasingly most of us are carrying mobile devices or are engaged with a digital platform to buy, check-in or communicate with service providers while traveling.

The challenge and the opportunity is what can be done digitally and at scale to help people while they travel through airports – whether they’re workers, passengers or customers – to help them be informed, prepared, efficient and productive, to be able to communicate in their own language.

If we do that well, we’re going to be successful and people are going to benefit from this tremendously.

Investment priorities: wayfinding, beacons, sensors...

That’s why the ‘Air Transport IT Trends Insights 2017’ report shows that around three quarters of airports will be investing in initiatives that help smooth the passenger journey through the airport via beacons or sensors powering wayfinding solutions.

These solutions will use passenger location to advise time and route to the gate and tailor messages about airport facilities or offers.

Beacons, sensors, wayfinding investment chart

Everything indoors

Airport map on mobileA smooth, undisrupted passenger journey is the purpose behind LocusMaps, a comprehensive location digital framework designed specifically for the air transportation industry. It gives airports, airlines and service providers a digital framework to communicate, share and manage everything about their indoor physical space.

It spans any computing platform or interface, and is based on object code or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) embedded in digital projects that include all the data to make applications location-aware.

Airlines including Delta, United, American, Lufthansa, Turkish and others are in various stages of adoption and rollout. It’s already live on more than 120 million devices and is in use at a growing list of the world’s largest airports.

LocusMaps also works as part of SITA’s Day of Travel Services, which support the coming wave of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This brings to bear an array of technology – including maps, beacons, apps, APIs and analytics – to smooth the journey and tackle disruption at every step. 


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  • Published on 30 November 2017 10:02 AM by Mandip Kanjiya
    @Jack Loop : We as Hey Flyer providing connecting and meeting option and helping flyers to utilize waiting time for productive business or personal networking so we would like to connect with you and provide more information to flyers with Locus Lab
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