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Baile en las calles

Published on  10 February by Matthys Serfontein , Vice President, Airport Solutions
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Miami celebrates in style

Miami International Airport dancers¡No todos los días nuestros clientes celebran la implementación de nuestra tecnología con bailes en las calles! But yesterday Miami International Airport changed the traditional “Fat Tuesday” – to “App Tuesday” and had bands and dancers throughout the terminal. It was all for the great new MIA Airport Official app which we developed for them.

Some of the SITRandy Pizzi Emilio Gonzalvez Maurice JenkinsA team were there to celebrate the launch which is a culmination of a long-standing partnership between SITA and MIA. We worked very closely with the team in MIA to deliver the world’s most technologically advanced airport app. It was designed to make use of the latest beacon technology based on the Common Use Beacon Registry standards which MIA has put in place.

Traditional airport apps do not know when you are flying or where you are; how you are getting to the airport or what you want to do once you arrive…they are passive. Our team has designed the Day of Travel Airport App to be the smarter airport app. It recognizes the user and makes sense of the vast amounts of data that are available at the airport, adding real-time business intelligence to create an outstanding user experience. It uses data delivered via our APIs  to present the user with a seamless experience on their device of choice.

Check out the MIA Airport Official app - it can be used on mobile devices running iOS or Android – and see the potential. Our team can help you with your airport app – but you might want to contact someone else about the dancers.


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