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Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar is an award winning global futurist, entrepreneur and specialist advisor on business transformation, disruptive strategies and radical innovation. Nominated as one of the top ten global future thinkers by the UK’s Independent newspaper, he comments regularly on the future and innovation for global news networks.

Rohit has an MBA from London Business School and delivers regular keynote speeches to leadership audiences around the world. He focuses on helping us make sense of and respond to a constantly changing reality and a hyper-connected world. Rohit provides clients with critical insights into how to respond to the forces and ideas shaping the future, deliver transformational change and create imaginative new strategies and possibilities. He shows us how to identify the key factors shaping the future, assess their impact and deliver real change both in our own lives and in the organizations we lead or work for.

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El aprendizaje impulsa el futuro de la aviación

Published on  02 August 2018 11:00  by Rohit Talwar

Pude acceder a una visión fascinante sobre el lugar que ocupa la industria en su afán por brindar mayor eficiencia y una mejor experiencia a los pasajeros. For me, the message is clear, learning is the most important enabler of progress in a faster, more digital environment.

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