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Portfolio Director Baggage, SITA
Peter Drummond

Peter Drummond joined SITA in 2003, starting in his initial role as systems engineer and rising to Development Manager for BagManager. He has led the delivery of multiple baggage solutions to customers globally - including Hong Kong, Dublin, London Gatwick, and Singapore, to name a few.

More recently Peter has managed the WorldTracer baggage tracing and repatriation service and he now leads the SITA Baggage Portfolio.

Prior to SITA, Peter worked for a small IT start up in the Transport domain and the UN Environment Programme as an Oracle Database Developer.

He graduated with a Business Degree from Derby University and is based at SITA's Old Vinyl Factory office in Hayes, UK.

Últimas publicaciones del blog

El camino hacia el seguimiento del equipaje de principio a fin

Published on  16 May 2019 05:25  by Peter Drummond

Si bien la tecnología ha reducido drásticamente el problema de la pérdida de equipaje, los motivos del problema siguen existiendo. El seguimiento del equipaje promete un futuro mejor.

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El seguimiento mejora en un 66 % la entrega de equipaje a los pasajeros

Published on  25 April 2019 03:55  by Peter Drummond

Este es uno de los hallazgos del informe IT Insights sobre equipaje que acaba de publicarse, que claramente muestra el éxito de las iniciativas de seguimiento de equipaje.

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RFID: ¿una variable vital para la ecuación del equipaje?

Published on  07 March 2019 09:00  by Peter Drummond

A simple vista, tomar una maleta de un pasajero en el registro de embarque y devolvérsela en su destino parece una tarea muy sencilla. But think hard about it and there’s so much more going on behind the scenes.

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Rising to the resolution

Published on  24 January 2019 03:02  by Peter Drummond

A major focus area for SITA is enabling the air transport community to meet the requirements of IATA Resolution 753. So where are we one year on?

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Un camino hacia la utopía del control del equipaje

Published on  12 July 2018 03:00  by Peter Drummond

For well over a decade baggage mishandling figures have been falling – but with passenger numbers on the increase they’re now flat-lining, which means IATA Resolution 753 has come just at the right time.

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