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Head of Data & API, SITA
Mohamed Amin

Mohamed Amin is the Head of Data & API at SITA. He joined SITA in 2019. Prior to his current role, Mohamed was a Senior Architect at SITAONAIR where he helped create solutions to enable e-Aircraft. His passion for Technology and for Travel propels him to think out-of-the-box and find creative ways to make travel easier, greener and more seamless. 

Mohamed comes from an Engineering background. He has a BSc in Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering and a Masters degree in Software Engineering. Currently he is pursuing an MBA degree at Concordia University in Montreal. Mohamed has held many technical roles with major telcos in North America and has designed several mission critical applications, currently serving millions of customers. Outside of work, Mohamed is an over-caffeinated outdoors enthusiast. In his spare time he likes to read Russian literature and philosophy books.

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Las API son el futuro de los datos compartidos en la aviación

Published on  31 October 2019 05:07  by Mohamed Amin

En la actualidad existen 10 API disponibles, que generan millones de transacciones por año y dan lugar a numerosas soluciones en toda la industria.

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