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Vice President, Passenger Solutions, SITA
Allison O'Neill

Allison O’Neill is Vice President, Passenger Solutions at SITA, where she is accountable for all aspects of the Passenger Service System business.

This  business supports over 90 airlines and ground handlers serving more than 152 million passengers worldwide. Her scope includes overall strategy, portfolio direction and investment, business development, product delivery, customer implementation and commercial operations. 

Allison joined SITA in 2000. Her previous experience at SITA was in global network delivery as well as passenger system delivery, operations, and program management. 

Prior to joining SITA, Allison worked for MCI WorldCom, a company that was instrumental in legal and regulatory changes that led to the breakup of the American telephony monopoly and ushered in competition.  In this role, Allison represented the corporation's position on the 1996 Telecommunications Act with state public service commissions and the Federal Communications Commission. 

Allison holds a Master of Science, Quality Assurance and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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¿Sabe cuáles son los próximos pasos en los servicios para pasajeros?

Published on  29 August 2018 05:55  by Allison O'Neill

Las líneas aéreas no siempre siguen la misma trayectoria en su crecimiento. En el camino suelen tomarse decisiones para ajustar el rumbo a seguir.

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The secret sauce in PSS

Published on  03 August 2015 05:40  by Allison O'Neill

But there are other areas across the value chain where airlines can differentiate themselves (loyalty programs, business intelligence, etc.). It’s in these areas that airlines can inject their ‘secret sauce’ and deliver on their brand values and promise. In order to do this, airlines need to know who their passengers are, and understand the value of each one.

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Consumo de combustible y costos: un tema de peso

Published on  15 October 2014 12:57  by

El año pasado, las líneas aéreas gastaron aproximadamente 211 mil millones de dólares solo en combustible. With net profits running just 3% of their revenues, it's easy to see that just a small savings in fuel has a big impact on the bottom line.

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