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2016, el año ideal para empezar a utilizar tecnología inteligente

Published on  22 December by Kevin O'Sullivan , Lead Engineer, SITA Lab
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Is it just me or is everyone thinking this?

It’s that time of year for the predictions. I don’t mind making them because it is rare that anyone ever holds you to them. At SITA Lab it’s our job to push the boundaries of new technologies that can be used by airlines and airports. This inevitably means we make and break predictions throughout the year; it’s all part of the job.

Just the other day Tnooz gathered some thoughts for the New Year – including mine – and painted an interesting picture for tech in our industry in 2016. Now my predictions are published, please don’t throw them back at me in a year’s time!

Anyway, I’m sticking to my guns: 2016 will definitely be the year of “getting smarter” at airports and across the air transport industry. I believe we will see the results of real collaboration and data sharing between airlines and airports.

There will also be real movement in the area of a “single travel token”. Biometrics are already in use at many borders, with SITA alone providing border management solutions to nearly 40 countries. Almost 500 million e-passports have been issued globally; these hold facial biometrics while some also contain fingerprints, so the opportunity for disruption is in place.

With sophisticated analytical, predictive and location-aware technology for Day of Operations and Day of Travel being rolled out across the world, we really will be getting smarter.

Is it just me? What are your predictions?

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