Finnair elige la solución de panorama de tarifas aéreas (Airfare insight) de SITA para mantenerse a la vanguardia en el mercado | SITA

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Finnair elige la solución Airfare Insight de SITA para mantenerse a la vanguardia en el mercado

Ubicación: Helsinki, Finland
21 de enero de 2016

New technology allows rapid and timely changes to airfare pricing

Finnair ha elegido la tecnología de análisis de tarifas de SITA para administrar la definición de tarifas en el mercado nacional e internacional. SITA’s Airfare Insight, part of the Horizon®portfolio, allows the airline to make rapid adjustments to fares in response to market conditions, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Finnair will use Airfare Insight to support its commercial pricing and distribution strategy. This innovative fares management solution provides competitive market intelligence and uses sophisticated algorithms to help Finnair analyze fares and make recommendations, improving accuracy. This means the right fares are distributed at the right time, to the right customer.

Tomi Hänninen, vicepresidente del área de gestión de los ingresos y precios de Finnair, afirma: "El mercado de tarifas actual es extremadamente competitivo y puede cambiar rápido. Airfare Insight de SITA nos brinda una visión clara e inmediata de lo que sucede en el mercado, lo que nos permite cambiar los precios a tiempo para brindar a los pasajeros los precios más competitivos que existen".

Dave Bakker, Presidente de SITA para Europa agregó: “Setting the right fares is essential for the success of any airline.  Even a relatively minor price difference can result in a major loss of market share. Airfare Insight provides airlines with the business intelligence to maintain their competitive edge and make sure every airfare is correctly priced and accurately reflects the changes in market conditions.” 

Up until now airlines typically compared fares with competing carriers using base or “filed” fares that ends up bearing little resemblance to the price paid by customers. Now, SITA Airfare Insight has a new “All in Fare” option that also processes all taxes, fees and charges automatically. This enables an airline to see and compare the actual selling price that the customer pays, inclusive of taxes, fees and charges. This unique “All in Fare” analysis provides Finnair with a true view of the market from the customer perspective.

In addition, SITA’s technology allows Finnair to analyze many more options simultaneously, which allows the airline to refine and improve the pricing delivery process.

SITA Airfare Insight has been developed in partnership with world-leading airlines to provide best-in-class functionality. It is used by more than 20 airlines across the globe to manage their fares including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qantas, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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