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Today most  passengers carry a mobile phone or tablet and the 2016 Passenger IT Trends Survey reports that 65% of them are using their devices to access entertainment.

To meet this demand, SITA is exploring ways of delivering content to passengers preparing for a flight and are short on entertainment, by creating DigitalMedia kiosks. These would make it possible for travelers to purchase or rent films, TV programs or even magazines or newspapers on their personal devices just before they take off.  Passengers get the content in seconds and can then access it without needing, or paying for, any data connection.

These kiosks are now available at London’s Heathrow airport. Heathrow’s EntertainMe kiosks, offering a mixture of free and paid content, will be located at gate level in each of Terminal 5’s satellites as part of the initial trial.

Alongside local and international newspapers and magazines, recent movie blockbuster releases and classic titles will also be ready for quick download. Passengers can simply select their content on an interactive screen and pay via ApplePay or with their contactless credit or debit card. Once the passenger has downloaded their content, they will be able to enjoy it during their trip without having to access Wi-Fi or data services.

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Los pasajeros pueden descargar rápidamente películas, revistas y diarios en tan solo un minuto para disfrutar del contenido en el aeropuerto y durante el vuelo.
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