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Panel discussion Cybersecurity SymposiumIn November 2018, SITA held its third Aviation Cybersecurity Symposium in Cannes, bringing together more than 30 air transport IT and cybersecurity specialists from across the globe. 

The two-day event presented a rare and timely opportunity for these experts to share their experience and chart the way forward for an industry which is facing an unprecedented growth in the number of cyber threats. These threats have the potential to disrupt the industry if left unchecked and SITA is at the forefront of ensuring our industry is prepared to manage this changing landscape.

The SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC) shared their observations and solutions. It was formed as a result of discussions at SITA's first Cybersecurity symposium in London. It aims to drive greater collaboration and information-sharing across the industry. 

The center facilitates direct engagements among its members and a community-wide exchange of cyber threat intelligence via a secure online platform. The timely sharing of information on cyber threats, vulnerabilities and impacts has become pivotal to the effective management of cyber risks. SITA demonstrated to delegates how the use of this intelligence can help prevent a cyber attack.

We also shared our commercial range of threat intelligence products and services to help the industry supplement its cyber defenses. 

Centro contra las ciberamenazas de la comunidad

El Centro contra las ciberamenazas de la comunidad de SITA (CCTC), lanzado en 2017, trabaja para brindar respuestas a toda la comunidad. Para ello promueve el intercambio proactivo y ágil entre todos sus miembros de información sobre ciberamenazas que puede ser puesta en práctica y contextualizada.

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Simposio sobre ciberseguridad en la industria de la aviación

En mayo de este año, SITA llevó a cabo su segundo Simposio sobre ciberseguridad en la industria de la aviación en Dubái. El evento reunió a más de 30 especialistas de TI y ciberseguridad de toda la industria del transporte aéreo mundial.

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Trabajo para la comunidad: Ciberseguridad

Escuche a Dave Ockwell-Jenner, experto en seguridad de SITA, que analiza un enfoque de la industria para combatir esta amenaza.

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