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The air transport community is facing increased risk from cyber attacks. SITA is working to support the industry to mitigate this threat through data sharing and greater collaboration.

The interdependencies built into air transport systems mean the vulnerability to cyber-attacks is increasing. Cyber threats cannot be efficiently combated by acting unilaterally. Instead, we must combine forces and find mutually agreeable ways of dealing with this reality.

To help air transport fight back, SITA operates the SITA Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC), – a security information sharing service – on behalf of its members. The CCTC enables actionable information on cyber threats to be shared in a timely manner among key industry stakeholders. The center is aimed at security professionals working for more than 400 SITA member organizations from across the air transport industry.

Cybersecurity has steadily progressed to become a key topic on companies' risk agendas. Our industry – and many others – has seen a dramatic change as security researchers, hackers, criminal organizations and nation-states target the vast expanse of global air transportation.

Stakeholders from across the industry are calling for joint actions and increased collaboration to actively combat the cyber security threat. Our ability to share threat information relating to cyber security incidents affecting our industry has become paramount.

With such information, the industry will increasingly be able to search for those attackers deeply nested into our infrastructure and provide a coordinated response to those who seek to take advantage of temporary security lapses. 

Centro contra las ciberamenazas de la comunidad

El Centro contra las ciberamenazas de la comunidad de SITA (CCTC), lanzado en 2017, trabaja para brindar respuestas a toda la comunidad. Para ello promueve el intercambio proactivo y ágil entre todos sus miembros de información sobre ciberamenazas que puede ser puesta en práctica y contextualizada.

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Simposio sobre ciberseguridad en la industria de la aviación

En octubre de 2019, SITA llevó a cabo su cuarto Simposio sobre ciberseguridad en la industria de la aviación en Frankfurt. El evento reunió a más de 35 especialistas de TI y ciberseguridad de toda la industria del transporte aéreo mundial.

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Trabajo para la comunidad: Ciberseguridad

Escuche a Dave Ockwell-Jenner, experto en seguridad de SITA, que analiza un enfoque de la industria para combatir esta amenaza.

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