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Restart and recovery post COVID-19

  • 19 de octubre de 2020
    23 de octubre de 2020
  • Europa
  • Online Europe
International Airport Online Summit 2020

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SITA is proud to partner with International Airport Review for the International Airport Online Summit 2020. 

This online event will examine how airports and the aviation sector are managing their operations as they enter the restart and recovery phase post COVID-19. Sessions within the program will focus on how airports have managed the impact of this global pandemic as they look to the future.

You can attend this online interactive summit from the comfort of your own device and listen to cutting-edge presentations from global thought leaders, including C-level executives from airports, industry bodies and regulatory authorities.

Key topics

  • Long term planning and sustainability
  • Managing COVID-19 restart and recovery
  • Operational efficiency and zero-based accounting
  • Implementing touchless technology within airport operations, e.g. screening, baggage handling
  • Insight into airport management
  • Data management to drive better predictions and crisis management
  • COVID-19 impacts on airport security

Learn more and download the full program at the event website

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