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We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts from our operations and air travel. By investing in carbon offset programs, we can positively impact the Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action.

Our sustainability journey

Target 17 of the UN SDGs puts the focus on working in partnerships to achieve our goals. 

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Aviation emissions and CSR

In a company like ours, with a global customer base, tackling air travel emissions is an interesting challenge, but also an opportunity to make positive changes.

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Carbon neutral air travel

We are working hard to make our business air travel carbon neutral. We have undertaken a carbon offset program and one of our projects is in India where we are supporting schools  and entrepreneurs with solar power and technology.

Solar in India

Preserving the orangutan

Our first program  is underway in Borneo, and one area of focus is preserving critically endangered orangutan and their habitats in Borneo. Much of  its habitat has  been destroyed through fire, illegal logging and palm oil plantations.

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Plantación de manglares

Hundreds of acres of mangroves have been torn up to  make way for fish farms, leaving the land open and having a negative effect on biodiversity. We're funding the collection, growing and planting of 25.000 mangrove seedlings to replenish those that have been lost as part of our carbon off-set program.

Acres of mangroves

Árboles para un pueblo

The work of the Rimba Raya program  helps villages alongside the Tanjung Puting National Park through livelihood development, education support and local employment.

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Impacto ambiental

SITA sostiene el firme compromiso de comprender, controlar y documentar su impacto ambiental.

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Energía y emisiones

Energy data is recorded throughout the year at our main office sites.

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A sustainable environment

We use carbon credits to offset the emissions from our flights, so that our air travel becomes carbon neutral. The projects we support use the offsets to deliver sustainable and life changing programs that support communities in Borneo and India.

Acting sustainably

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