Revisión de 2015 para el Pacífico Asiático


Our SITA Sydney office held a bake-off event to celebrate International Women's Day in March 2015 and to raise funds for the Delvena Women's and Children's Shelter, a local refuge providing crisis accommodation and other services for women and children escaping domestic violence. Se invitó al personal a participar en una competencia de cocina o, como alternativa, a pagar una entrada de 5 dólares para probar y juzgar las delicias. El equipo recaudó más de 1.200 dólares australianos (923 dólares estadounidenses) para una causa muy noble.


In March 2015 SITA Singapore joined the International Women's Day celebrations with an event to support the Singapore Council of Women's Organization (SWCO). Se invitó al personal a un té por la tarde, con la consigna de llevar una donación para Star Shelter, un centro de protección para mujeres en situación de crisis. Donations included pre-loved women's clothes for the New2U Thrift Shop to help women looking to get back into the workforce. The event was a wonderful success, collecting 5 boxes of clothing and 545 SGD (US$393) for the SWCO charities.

On 2 December 2015, a group of 20 SITA employees from the Singapore office volunteered their time at the Soup Kitchen of Willing Hearts where they prepared and distributed about 3.000 meals to elderly, disabled and low-income members of the community. Willing Hearts relies entirely on volunteers and donations, and the SITA team truly made a difference by bringing warm smiles and by raising approximately US$700.

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