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Cassandra Brown Atlanta, USA
Cassandra Brown

Directora general, Servicios globales de SITA

"SITA cuenta con un equipo directivo siempre presente y uno de los más diversos y dedicados grupos de trabajo que un empleado pueda imaginar".

My career

Hello, my name is Cassandra and I am a Senior Territory Manager in SITA Global Services, based in Atlanta, USA.

I joined SITA 14 years ago, and at that time I had two job offers: one from SITA and one from a traditional telecom company. My previous experience was in telecom and my natural inclination was to accept their offer. However, after learning about the unique mission and history of SITA and the truly global nature of the company I was won over.

I enjoy my role at SITA and the challenges it presents. Whether my customer is an airport, an airline, or a non-governmental organization (NGO), I take pride in knowing that my role directly supports their respective missions. As a result relief supplies will be shipped, planes will take off on time and passengers will have a seamless experience as they pass through an airport because of the support that my team and I provide.

Anyone considering a role with SITA should know that they will have the opportunity to develop and grow their career while working with a supportive management team and one of the most dedicated and diverse set of co-workers that they will ever encounter.

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